Sahil Khattar On His Bollywood Debut ’83: ‘I Bagged The Role Of Cricketer Syed Kirmani Due To My Bald Look’- EXCLUSIVE

Internet sensation Sahil Khattar who is making his Bollywood debut with Kabir Khan's ‘83, appeals people to accept balding. He reveals how his bald pate helped him bag a meaty role in Kabir Khan’s sports biopic ‘83

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Sahil Khattar On His Bollywood Debut ’83: ‘I Bagged The Role Of Cricketer Syed Kirmani Due To My Bald Look’- EXCLUSIVE
Be it Ayushmann Khurrana’s bald character in Bala or Akshay Kumar’s role in Housefull 4, several attempts have been made to make people accept balding as part of their lives.

Actor Sahil Khattar who has always flaunted his bald look with panache, recently came up with the idea of a Vox Pop on the same. “The USP of the Vox Pop is to raise awareness about body-shaming. Yes, the word is body-shaming. You must be thinking that how can body-shaming be related to balding? Body-shaming is all about fat people and if you talk about a person's colour then it is racism. What people need to understand is that balding is also another physical condition. You call it balding, I call it being follically challenged, it's another physical condition,” he says.

In fact, it was his bald look which helped him bag a role in Kabir Khan’s ‘83, in which he essays the role of cricketer Sayed Kirmani. “I was very happy when they told me that I would be playing the role of Sayed Kirmani. Kabir Khan actually believed that a bald guy should play a bald guy’s role because they wanted the casting to be as real as possible. I am thankful as because of this, I got an amazing Bollywood debut. I am so happy as there was a time when bald actors didn’t get any work in the industry. I remember Anupam Kher had told a story of how Saransh was taken from him and given to Shatrughan Sinha. Amrish Puri also used wigs. I am happy this has changed now,” he says.

He adds, “It’s high time to assure people that it’s okay to be bald. Being bald is as okay as being tall or short, it’s just a condition. Balding has nothing to do with your success in life. For example, both Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan are successful, and one is tall while the other is short.”

However, the actor says it’s totally natural to be conscious of how you look. “People feel conscious; everybody goes for treatments to get their hair back. It's totally cool. The idea of coming up with a video like this is that there should be no judgment. We are born with certain features and lack some features, how we spin these in our favour is up to us,” he says.

Image Source:- tribune, instagram/issahilkhattar